Remembrance Day links

Today being Remembrance Day, there are a plethora of history-inspired articles in the media. Here's a small sampling:

Lawrence Martin, "Canada’s first remembrance day," Globe and Mail.

  • Lord Minto personally opposed Canadian involvement in the Boer War, declaring at one point that "I don’t see why they should commit their country to the expenditure of lives and money for a quarrel not threatening imperial safety."

John Crosbie, "The war was fought in Canada too. Let’s not forget," Globe and Mail.

  • "Recent events in Ottawa and in Quebec have reawakened memories of a time when war was brought to our shores. Not in a very long time have we Canadians had to feel unsafe or wary of moving about in our daily lives .... We have almost forgotten the time when it was commonplace, at least on our Eastern seaboard."

Mike Faille, "Graphic: Remembering 114,457 Canadians killed in military operations since First World War," National Post.

  • Each dot in this graphic represents a Canadian life lost in wartime or peacekeeping since the outbreak of the First World War.

To learn more about the experience of Canada's veterans, check out The Memory Project.

And if you'd like to learn about the 105th Canadian Infantry Battalion, one of Prince Edward Island's major contributions to the First World War, you can check out my Island Magazine article, "The 105th: The Rise and Fall of the Island's Battalion."