Time capsules in the news: Boston, Mass. edition

boston time capsule screencapture.png

I wrote about time capsules in Toronto a few weeks back. This week, a Boston, Massachusetts time capsule gained news headlines when it was unearthed. As far as time capsules go, this one sounds pretty interesting. (If it was a Rocky movie, it'd be somewhere around Rocky II territory.) It was placed in the cornerstone of the State House in 1795 by Samuel Adams, Paul Revere, and William Scollay, all three of whom were figures of renown. (All three also have popular things named after them: one has a brewery named after him, one has a namesake '60s band, and the other a square.) The time capsule was taken to the Museum of Fine Arts, and will be opened next week. For more coverage of this story, check out this article from the Boston Globe.