My Book Launch at Massey College

A small gathering was held on Monday, November 24 to mark the release of The First Green Wave. The event was held at Massey College, and the crowd contained people that were involved with the book (ie. interviewees), the movement's supporters, a number of Massey Fellows, and some friends and family.

I enjoyed the opportunity to meet, for the first time in person, a number of the people that I had interviewed while writing the book. Case in point: while I had interviewed Ann, Geoff, and Peter Love, all of whom were in attendance, the only one that I had previously met was Peter. (I also had the opportunity to meet David Love, Geoff and Peter's brother, and Ann's husband, for the first time.)

As you might expect, there were a lot of interesting people in the room. Among the environmentalists, there were past and present leaders of Pollution Probe, the Canadian Environmental Law Association, Friends of the Earth Canada, and the World Wildlife Fund Canada. Denise Gosnell, the widow of Air of Death producer Larry Gosnell was present, as was John Tory, who was just days away from being sworn-in as mayor of Toronto.

The formal portion of the evening was opened by the Hon. Hugh Segal, the Master of Massey College, who welcomed those assembled. Peter Middleton, the event's organizer, spoke next, introducing Sherry Brydson, who spoke about the founding of Pollution Probe. I delivered a short speech, mainly consisting of thank yous, while Gord Miller, the Environmental Commission of Ontario, spoke of the need for continued vigilance on behalf of the environment.

With that, the event was largely complete. Books changed hands, the author signed copies, and people milled about.

I'd like to thank all those who helped make this event happen, including those who were in attendance. It was wonderful meeting all of you and hearing your stories.

Plans are underway for some public talks in April, to mark the release of the paperback edition of The First Green Wave. If you have any suggestions about possible venues, do feel free to send me an email at

You can see more photographs from the event (courtesy of Milan Ilnyckyj) in the slideshow below.