Mystery of the unidentified (Don River) mourner solved!

A version of this photograph, taken at Pollution Probe's celebrated Don River funeral (November 16, 1969) is featured on page 54 of The First Green Wave. I've long known that the woman in the photo is Meredith Ware, and I even had the opportunity to interview her about the event. The male in the photograph was not identified in any of the media coverage I read, and none of the people I spoke with could recall his name. (It had been over forty years, after all.) As such, when the book went to press, I identified Meredith in the accompanying caption, but left the mysterious male unidentified.

I had the opportunity to meet Meredith at last month's book launch, and it turns out that she found some old press clippings from the event. One of them, in fact, identified the male. The name: Pierre Keevil. Mystery solved.

My appreciation to Meredith for passing this information along.