Call for Papers: "Talking Green: Oral History and the Environment"

Below is a call for papers for a project I'll be guest editing with Alan MacEachern.

Oral History Forum d’histoire orale invites submissions for a special 2010 issue on “Talking Green: Oral History and the Environment.” Over the last several decades, environmental history has bloomed. How have oral historians engaged with this new field? What stories about nature, environmental activism, ecological disaster and natural catastrophe, green living, conservation, climate change, etc. have oral historians collected and interpreted? This special issue will feature scholarly articles as well as op-ed pieces, reports on works-in-progress, teaching resources, discussions, and reviews. Oral History Forum d’histoire orale is a peer-reviewed online journal of the Canadian Oral History Association, welcoming submissions from around the globe that present and discuss oral history research.

This special issue will be guest edited by Ryan O’Connor and Alan MacEachern of the University of Western Ontario. Proposals of maximum 500 words should be sent to by 1 June 2009. Final papers are to be submitted by 1 November 2009. This special issue will be opened online in 2010.

Oral History Forum d’histoire orale is co-edited by Alexander Freund, Nolan Reilly, and Kristina Llewellyn. It is a multimedia journal that utilizes image, audio, and video files, as well as PDF-format files of articles and other contributions. Its editors encourage the inclusion of audio and video excerpts and high-quality photographs to accompany the articles. For more information about the journal, please visit or contact