Quote from Dr. Donald Chant

We have seen many emotional issues that became fads in our society and it seems true that our collective attention span is short. Never before, however, have we been confronted with an issue of such profound significance to our future, so continuously with us, and of which we are so constantly reminded, breathing the air, listening to the constant din of noise around us, fighting crowds and traffic, wrinkling our noses and averting our glances from the creeks and lakes that border our cities. If, in the face of these constant and insistent reminders of our plight, we ‘turn off,’ lose our intent, and flit on to the next sensation without ensuring the solution of our environmental problems - then, truly, we will deserve what we get.
— Donald Chant, May 1978

I just came across this statement from Dr. Chant, Pollution Probe co-founder and provost at the University of Toronto, in the May 1978 edition of the Probe Post magazine. The statement may be thirty-two years old, but I suspect that it is just as relevant today, if not more so, than the day he first wrote it down.