The Legacy of Jack McGinnis

A year ago I wrote a brief entry about Jack McGinnis, one of the figures behind the creation of the iconic Blue Box program. I interviewed Jack while researching my dissertation, and found him to be a rather fascinating individual. Despite his important role in the development of the environmental movement - he was a founder or co-founder of such groups as the Is Five Foundation, the Recycling Council of Ontario, and Durham SustainAbility - I never detected a sense of egotism.

Jack and I kept in contact following the interview. He had numerous projects on the go, as well as plans for the creation of a recycling museum. Today I was going to email him and ask if he'd comment on the section of my dissertation that addressed his work. Before I could do so, however, I stumbled across news that he passed away on January 29.

Personally, I'm disappointed that I never had the opportunity to meet Jack in person. At the same time, I consider myself fortunate to have had the opportunity to interview him about his extensive work in the field of recycling. 

For more information on Jack McGinnis you can check out this announcement from the Recycling Council of Ontario, his obituary at the Solid Waste & Recycling website, and this article in the Toronto Star. You can also learn more about his work in the Pollution Probe report "'We Recycle': The Creators of the Blue Box Programme."