Nyle Ludolph and the Blue Box Program

The recent passing of Jack McGinnis has resulted in an upsurge in interest in the origins of the blue box. While McGinnis has been dubbed the "Father of the Blue Box" it must be remembered that the program wasn't the work of a lone individual. Rather, it was the product of a partnership between Resource Integration Systems [RIS], which is a group co-founded by McGinnis, and Laidlaw. Laidlaw's interest in recycling was largely attributable to Nyle Ludolph, the company's former manager of special events. A newspaper interview with Ludolph appears in this past Monday's edition of the Kitchener Record, and you can read it here.

One of the projects I'm currently working on is an article about the origins and development of the blue box. It touches on the Is Five Foundation, RIS, and their partnership with Laidlaw. I'll let you know when I receive details of its publication.