Matt and Malachy

As I mentioned in an earlier post, my sixth grade science fair project examined the effects of acid rain. Turns out that was a fairly popular topic for children to study. While researching the role of the Canadian Coalition on Acid Rain I've come across hundreds of requests for information, many of which came from youth working on school projects. The letter posted above came from Matt and Malachy - no surname was provided - of Kansas City, Missouri. As they note, "We are kids and we are writin (sic) to you because were (sic) doing a science project on acid rain. It is such a big proplem (sic) that we don't now (sic) where to start. Please send us some imformation (sic) on acid rain and give us an idea how to start and set it up. PLEASE DOM'T (sic) PASS IT UP". This letter was addressed to Michael Perley, executive coordinator of the Canadian Coalition on Acid Rain, and co-author of two books on the subject. His reply, posted below, included a small kit to test the acidity of rain in Kansas City, bumper stickers, buttons, and some literature "to show how Canadians are trying to get the message across to industries and governments in both Canada and the United States that acid rain is a serious problem and needs a solution soon." I'm not sure how Matt and Malachy's project went, but I'm sure they were delighted with all the free stuff they received.