Academic Research and Publications

Links to the publications are provided when available. Some academic journals are behind a paywall, in which case the link will take you to information about the publication and how it can be accessed.


The First Green Wave: Pollution Probe and the Origins of Environmental Activism in Ontario. UBC Press, 2015.


"Talking Green: Oral History and Environmental History." Oral History Forum 30 (2010). Special journal issue, co-edited with Alan MacEachern.

Journal Articles

"Property, Technology, and Environmental Policy: The Politics of Acid Rain in Ontario, 1978–1985." Journal of Policy History 27:04 (October 2015): 636-669. Co-authored with Owen Temby.

"Advertising the Environmental Movement: Vickers and Benson’s Branding of Pollution Probe." Eco-Images: Historical Views and Political Strategies (Special Issue of Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society Perspectives, 2013): 43-52.

"An Ecological Call to Arms: The Air of Death and the Origins of Environmental Activism in Ontario." Ontario History 105:1 (Spring 2013): 19:46.

"Agrarian Protest and Provincial Politics: Prince Edward Island and the 1971 National Farmers Union Highway Demonstration." Acadiensis 37:1 (Winter/Spring 2008): 31-55.

Book Chapters

"Countercultural Recycling in Toronto: The 'Is Five Foundation' and the Origins of the Blue Box." In Canadian Countercultures and the Environment, edited by Colin Coates. University of Calgary Press, 2016. 

"Children of the Hummus: Growing Up Back-to-the-Land on Prince Edward Island." In Canadian Countercultures and the Environment, edited by Colin Coates. University of Calgary Press, 2016. Co-authored with Alan MacEachern.

Commissioned Reports

"One Island, One Source: A Review of the Literature Concerning Prince Edward Island’s Groundwater Resources." Institute of Island Studies and UPEI Research Services. May 2014.

Non-Refereed Articles

"'Its Finest Hour': The 1971 Tractor Demonstration on Prince Edward Island." The Island Magazine 63 (Spring-Summer 2008): 2-12.

"The 105th: The Rise and Fall of the Island’s Battalion." The Island Magazine 60 (Fall-Winter 2006): 2-9.

Dictionary and Encyclopedia Entries

"Benjamin Armitage Bremner." Dictionary of Canadian Biography Vol. XVI, 1931-1940.

"Maritime Provinces (Canada)," in James P. Byrne, Philip Coleman, and Jason King, eds. Ireland and the Americas: Culture, Politics, and History (Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO, 2008): 547-548.